Self-Publishing a Book : My adventure has begun ….

My adventures in self-publishing a book have begun.  I am telling you this for two reasons:  so that you can hold me accountable.  And so that I can hold myself accountable.

It is not entirely comfortable for me to do this.  I value my privacy so much.  One of the reasons that I, London born and brought up in various suburban jungles, chose to live in the backend of nowhere, much to the consternation of various family members and friends.

But sometimes the observer has to become the observed ….Self Publishing a Book, photo by Rudy Tiben

I’ve learned a lot about comfort zones recently.  About moving out of them and into your own space.  How it’s the only way that true growth can occur.  I love the quote by Lisa Nichols, a heroine of mine and motivational speaker extraordinaire:

“Your comfort and your conviction don’t live on the same block”.

She goes on to say that they may not even reside in the same zip code.  It might have been her grandmother who said it.  Wise woman …  I hope to be such a wise woman one day.  Until then, I remain middle-aged and confused. Trying to find my way in an uncertain world.  But I’ve come to learn that the path to take is the one of your own choosing. The one that resonates with the quiet but insistent voice within.  The one that we often ignore at our own peril, as it’s drowned out by the many shrill and discordant voices in the world.

But get still.  Go within.  And listen to it at last.  Because it knows.

This (hopefully) wise woman within is telling me to build this website.  To communicate to the world in the way that comes most naturally to me – through my writing.   To release my book out into the ether, entirely on my own terms. Will it stumble along in the wilderness?  Or into the hearts of many.  Find a home.  Take root.  It remains to be seen.

So what next?

Work with an expert to create a beautiful cover.  One that I don’t mind myself or my book being judged by.  Join me here for the next exciting installment!

Much happiness



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