Flame : the new novel by Tara Heavey

Tara Heavey, Flame a novel

Writing a novel is an odd thing.  Why do it at all?  Why follow this strange internal compulsion to track a story all the way to its natural conclusion?Because it does feel natural.  Rarely manufactured.  Almost as if the story was out there waiting to be told.  Waiting for the storyteller to come along and claim it.  The right scribe for the right story.  A co-creator with which to collaborate.

There is so much noise in this life.  And at times it appears to be getting noisier, almost out of control.  As if a strimmer is constantly whirring away in your head.  And writing is an activity that thrives on silence.  Which is why so many writers write first thing and last thing.  It’s where they find their bliss. Their sweet relief.

I am writing this in what seems like the first quiet patch of my day – in the cacophonous patchwork of the children’s summer holidays.  (Oh joy.  Oh despair.  OhmiGod)!  And it feels so nice to connect with my thoughts.  Even just to hear them.  To come back to my centre after hours of extending myself in other people’s directions.

My new novel “Flame” launched on Amazon today.  This feels good and long awaited.  It feels like a future pregnant with possibilities.

I’ve finished birthing babies.  Back to birthing books.  I’ve always wanted a big family…

I hope you find solace and joy in this novel.  And share in it the triumph of the human spirit.

A thousand good wishes.





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Tara Heavey, new novel Flame



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  1. Abina Mullane says:

    Looking forward to teading

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