Book Cover : The Big Reveal …

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for.  Well,  my cat and I are very excited anyway …

The big reveal, photo by Ines, sxc stock images

The book cover for “Flame” has finally arrived, in all its flaming glory – literally – look at the colours.  I am very happy with it and extremely grateful to the designer,  Scarlett Rugers, an Aussie Lass who has done us both proud.

I am equally delighted, as I told the good people on my email list, to have finally had some input into a book cover.  To not have to accept an image that makes me cringe.  Another distinct advantage to being an Independent (“Indie”) author.

One of the disadvantages, (or is it a challenge), is having to get to grips with all the technology by yourself.   I have always been slightly (!) technology averse and at least a couple of years behind the rest of the world when it came to newfangled phenomena such as email and mobile phones.


All this has changed …

Since I copped on to the opportunities available in the online world.  To writers and creative types, to those who are vaguely entrepreneurial, or to those who thrive on being their own bosses.   So I struggle on through.  Because while my attitude has changed, my aptitude sadly hasn’t!

I am wrestling my way through the formatting process at the present moment in time, with the aid of a template from, the excellently helpful and informative creation of Joel Friedlander.  I have chosen this option for now.  Although I believe you can also format your books on the much lauded Scrivener.  A program called Vellum also comes highly recommended but is sadly only available to those on Apple Mac.  Drat.

But I am confident – sort of – and determined – most definitely.  Because this is what I want.   And when you really want something, you find a way climb that learning curve, no matter how steep.

So for now.

Here.  It.  Is.

The brand, spanking new cover for “Flame”, the novel.

Tara Heavey Flame, design by Scarlett Rugers


I’d love to know what you think.

In the meantime, continued success in all your writing endeavours.



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