Book Cover Design: Why it matters for you and your book.

Great excitement readers!

In my own little head at least.  You see, I’ve just made a booking with a cover designer.  Totally new territory fo me.

I would love to handle the book cover design for “Flame” myself.  Of course, I would.  I’m a control freak!  At least when it comes to matters pertaining to my own writing.  But this is not writing, is it?  This is visual art – proper creative design. And although part of me would love to have a crack at it, the better part of me know that it’s probably not a good idea.Book Cover Design


So, the next best thing – or the best thing entirely – is to work together with a proper designer.  A professional who knows what he or she is doing.  I’ve chosen a woman artist, in the hope and the belief that she might resonate more with my predominantly female audience.  Not to mention with my own artistic “vision”.   I won’t mention her name yet.  In case it doesn’t work out …  But I have high hopes.  Which, I always find, are the only kind of hopes worth having.

Cover Design – Why Bother?

Because it is arguably your most important marketing tool, that’s why.  Whether you’re talking e-book or traditional print book, the premise is entirely the same. People are still going to scroll down the listings of Amazon, Kobo and the like and judge your book by its cover.  This may or may not be fair, but why not just embrace the fact and give your cover your all.  There’s no reason why it can’t be a wholly thrilling experience.

Early attempts

As a traditionally published author, you have no say as to the cover of your book.  Prior to my first title, “A Brush With Love” coming out, I was blissfully ignorant of this state of affairs.  My editor at the time made the polite comment that if I had any cover ideas I could let them know.  In a rush of youthful enthusiasm, I duly sent her a sketch of a set of matchstick figures in my imagined format.  I can only imagine, with flushed cheeks, the hilarity that ensued in the office upon the arrival of my “design”!

Book Covers of My Past: Old Flames Revisited

You can see some of these if you click on the “Books” tab of this website.  A motley crew.  Some I liked more than others. Some I was downright embarrassed by.  I won’t say which ones but suffice to say, I don’t go for pink or ultra girly.  I dislike women’s fiction to be depicted in such a way, especially when the words inside contain more grit and depth.

I preferred my foreign covers, by and large, each country possessing its own unique flavour.  I guess when it comes down to it, it’s merely a matter of taste.  Everyone is not going to like everything.  Of course, they are not.  But we can still try our best to do our books justice, with the help of a designer we love.

Here’s hoping …




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